Hotel Santiago de Cuba

Hotel Santiago de Cuba

The Hotel Santiago de Cuba is located in the equal city it names: Santiago de Cuba, considered the most Caribbean in the country.


This five star has a privileged location in the Allotment SueƱo, one of the most elegant neighborhoods in the city, exactly in Americas Avenue: one of those most converged ones, 1 km from the Conventions Center Heredia or Heredia Theater, 2 km from the Historical Center and just 7 km of the international airport Antonio Maceo.

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Inaugurated in 1991 it is the only hotel five stars in Santiago de Cuba city. Stands out for the stateliness of their architecture that achieves a strong relationship with the context of the city whose architectural tradition has stayed through the time closely associated with its specially uneven geography.

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The building is acclimatized, in his facilities you can find practically of everything, rooms in his 15 levels, bars, several restaurants, center of businesses and commercial, facilities for sports among other to guarantee the full enjoyment of the guests.


In the Hotel Santiago de Cuba will be able to feel the spirit of the earth where they were born the rum and tobacco. From the hotel it is possible to appreciate in all his splendor the architectural beauty and the layout of the city the second city in importance of the country, his hospital people, of jovial, appeased temperament and his historical-cultural rich wealth. Here like in any other region of the country, races and cultures mix and they enrich.

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This hotel is an ideal destination for trips of vacations or businesses are surrounded deluxe and comfort to offer the best thing during his stay where a cheerful town will make him/her feel like in its own house.

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